Lady GaGa makes music for Thierry Mugler

January 16, 2011 | Category: Lady Gaga.

Nicola Formichetti, the new creative director at the Thierry Mugler fashion house and stylist to Lady Gaga, has tapped the pop sensation to create an exclusive soundtrack for his men’s wear show in Paris on Wednesday.

He told WWD that Gaga would be “musical director” for the show, among the most anticipated debuts of Men’s Fashion Week, which runs through Jan. 23 in the French capital. Word has it she will remix a never-heard track from her forthcoming album, due out in May.

Formichetti, also an editor and consultant, joined the Paris-based fashion and fragrance firm last September, overseeing two newly engaged designers: Sébastien Peigné, a 10-year veteran of Balenciaga, for women’s wear; and Romain Kremer, who has shown experimental looks under his fledgling Paris label since 2005, for men’s.

An Internet-savvy dynamo, Formichetti has been planting teaser images online ahead of the men’s show, depicting a model coated in black latex and wearing a black biker jacket and spiked metal helmet.

Source: Miles Socha, Women’s Wear Daily

Earlier today, Lady GaGa tweeted about the upcoming show and which music of hers will make an appearance:

I’m the musical director for the MUGLER fashion show. I’m remixing/previewing a record on Born This Way, tailored for the show + garments. X

So, a track from Born This Way…we’re excited to hear which one it will/could be! What do you little monsters think the track will be like?

  • thom-me94

    Great pic, she’s actually wearing a Thierry Mugler dress, but I’m sure everyone knew that already… :P

  • Anonymous

    It’s actually inspired by the Mugler collection, not from it. But it was chosen deliberately :P

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  • GaGas lil Monster †


  • windrider2

    Sonically, it will be like nothing else used for runway shows. It will be fresh, new, exciting and cutting edge just like the fashion Nicola is premiering. Gaga continues to expand the boundaries of what it means to be a Pop Icon. She leaves everyone else in the dust

  • Mr. Cupcake

    She always throws out surprises! :) I just love her to death! GaGa, I hope I make Cupcake Wars on the food network! I mentioned you so much and how much you mean to me, huge inspiration, someday when I own my cupcake business, 15% of my profits will go to LGBT kids/teenagers in need! I promise that, I will help you push for equality in states where it’s hard to be yourself. Indiana is a very conservative state and I want to change the mind set here. I’m no fucking different and I shouldn’t have to go to four different programs to turn me straight. Who’s mind thinking is this?! No more. and I wont fucking allow it. I just wanted you to know I never thought I could break out of my shell until I started listening to you. Thanks babe. I’m so much stronger now.

    And I will fucking go right back to those fucking programs and shove it up there asses! What is your mind thinking?! Really?!

  • Xabier San Isidro

    You can now listen to it on Mugler’s website

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  • Psaravanan2009

    seems hot and interesting. Attractive colours