Maria Aragon performs “Born This Way” with Lady GaGa in Toronto

March 3, 2011 | Category: Lady Gaga.

10 year old Maria Aragon took to the stage tonight with Lady Gaga to perform a very special performance of “Born This Way”.

Lady Gaga then tweeted the picture above with the following caption:

Myself +10 year Old Lady Maria of Winnipeg. She signed my t-shirt, she ate my heart, just like you ▽

  • Ali Hajia

    Amazing :’)

  • Noel Pinell

    Maybe is because its almost 2 am here but I was crying the whole video. AMAZING! blown away. :D

  • Danandbaxkrall

    Lady Gaga –Wow- thank you for having Lady Marie – it brought me to tears! :)

  • windrider2

    I need to buy more kleenex before I watch this again. Beautiful and so touching. Only Gaga would do this

  • Paulito0304

    Lady GaGa is sumthing else. I am sure Maria had a great time performing her idols song with her. Canada will have to watch this budding talent. Thanks Lady GaGa, you are truly a good person as well as a good performer.

  • Brenda

    utterly FABULOUS!!! you rock Lady Gg

  • Egallard

    After watching this video of our own Maria singing with Lady Gaga, I was kind of teary due to the luck that comes her (Maria) way. She’s so blessed to meet her idol & to also perform with her on stage. Wow, Maria you go girl..We will all pray for you & your future as an artist & performer. But please don’t forgot where you came from & always pray to our Lord Jesus’ guidance..Good luck again..

  • Scott Wolfe

    Lady Gaga you are an amazing performer and a wonderful person. you have brought a smile to my heart and a tear to my eye. I encourage more musicians, celebrities and even parents to take their children and show them there is so much potential in their lives. This girl is absolutely amazing. you have brighten my day with this performance. keep up the wonderful work and don’t stop.. I believe Maria will go far with the encouragement and support with the help from people like yourself. two thumbs up

  • Trish

    This just made my heart so happy. I love Miss Lady Gaga a millions times more than I already do ♥ and to see her so proud looking upon her after the song with tears in her eye’s made me love her even more. This is what being succesful is all about. Maria, you are amazing ♥
    much love to all!

  • Senior Lady

    A very beautiful, talented, intelligent little girl, and she’s from Winnipeg!!
    She’s very well focused and sounds very wise for her age.
    I wish her all the best in her music and her education.
    God Bless you, Maria!

  • Dee

    That little girl looks to be having the time of her life! Rocking out with Lady Gaga without a hint of nervousness — that’s a born performer we’re looking at. LG saw it in the Youtube video; not every 10-year-old with a sweet voice can show the camera such love and power. God bless them both and the affection between them..this 47-year-old mom has never seen anything like it!

  • Shayla Insixiengmay

    she is soo lucky

  • mharicel banquiao

    i love it…. it so amazing…

  • mharicel banquiao

    i love it…. it so amazing…

  • Cindy

    Not a fan in the least, no issues, but just not my music. But this story is amazing and I give lots of props to Gaga for this! Lots of respect for her today for giving back to her fan.

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  • Delossantosmarielle


  • Cowpokes

    me i listen death metal rule