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Gaganews.com: FAME by Lady Gaga review and giveaway contest

August 22, 2012 | Category: FAME, Gaganews.com, Giveaway, Lady Gaga, Review.

Today, August 22nd, marks the launch of “FAME” by Lady Gaga, the FIRST EVER BLACK eau de parfum. Gaganews.com has been fortunate to receive a bottle of the new fragrance in it’s “ultimate masterpiece” size, and we are happy to announce that we will also be giving a bottle of the “ultimate masterpiece” bottle of “FAME” to one lucky supporter and reader of the website, exclusively from the Haus Laboratories in Paris. Before you enter, make sure to read our opinion on the fragrance, which is available in stores now.


“FAME” is unique. Along with being the first ever black eau de parfum to be released worldwide, it is the first “celebrity” fragrance that I have ever come across that does not feel like a celebrity fragrance.

The box is black and gold, and simple in its design. There are some unique aspects to the box design, which will certainly appeal to all of Gaga’s little monsters, including the monster paw and the Born This Way Gaga inspired by Rick Genest aka “Rico The Zombie”. The bottle, which is topped by a claw shaped lid, is classy and elegant in its shape. To add to the uniqueness, the lid can be taken off and turned upside-down. Inside it, you can place the bottle of FAME, so that it appears to be held in place by a claw. The best way to describe and compare it, would be to a Fabergé egg.

The fragrance itself is strong, floral with hints of sweetness and freshness. When first sprayed, the liquid inside turns from black to clear as it travels through the air and hits your skin. The first spray gives you a mixture of ideas, but within seconds it sits on your skin and leaves a smell which is pleasing to the nose.

I have noticed that the fragrance smells noticeably different on everyone. That can be said for any fragrance out there, but with FAME, it seems more prominent. I think that it’s a fragrance that most people will enjoy. With the simple yet striking design of black and gold that comes with the box and bottle, it’s definitely going to appeal to consumers looking to test out “interesting” fragrances.

For your chance to win a bottle of the “ultimate masterpiece” FAME, make sure to use the following steps:


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