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Gene Simmons speaks about Lady Gaga: “She is the only new rock star”

August 22, 2012 | Category: Gene Simmons, Interviews, Lady Gaga.

During an interview with AFP for the launch of Kiss’ new $4,000 photo book “Monster”, lead singer Gene Simmons took time to speak about Lady Gaga, calling her “the only new rock star”. Simmons said:

There are a lot of bands that have something. What’s missing is stardom. The ability to get up on stage and rule, bigger than life. There are no stars. There’s no Elvis, there’s no… even Prince. Stage presence — none of the bands have it, they look like garbage collectors. They look worse than the audience that comes to see them. There’s no pride. The only new rock star is Lady Gaga. That’s it. She’s a star.