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October 29, 2012 | Category: ARTPOP, Lady Gaga,

As we tweeted live from the chat earlier today, Lady Gaga took to earlier today to chat with little monsters. In the process, she revealed plenty of information about her upcoming album, ARTPOP. While talking about the album, Gaga revealed that she is thinking about releasing two volumes of the album, with the second coming out around 6 months after the first. Each volume would be different, with the first version containing the more “commercial” songs, and the second containing the “experimental” music, though Gaga revealed that it was still catchy.

She also spoke about the app that is being planned for the album release, explaining that she returns to Chicago so frequently to work on the app, and to visit her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. She said that the app is “coming along amazing”, and is being developed by some “genius kids”, that are all around 22 years of age.

Gaga revealed that many of the songs on the album are very modern and “you just don’t know if the radio is ready”. “Princess Die”, which she had been performing at the Born This Way Ball, will most likely not make the cut for the final album.

Finally, she said that every song on ARTPOP means something to her, whether it makes the album or not, as it will “probably leak anyway”. In comparison to Born This Way, ARTPOP is more of a “project experience”.

  • Arlene Maldonado

    nooooooooo i need  princess die to come out as a legit song!

  • Azak99